2019 DC Walk for the Animals


Team Tedward

He's a little guy, but he has big pawprints - and he's made a huge impact on my heart!

Tedward's story (in my life) starts on June 28th, when I picked up Frannie, a heavily pregnant chiweenie mix who had been rescued from a dog hoarder and had lived in squalor with 28 other dogs. Worst of all, Frannie had been exposed to parvovirus, a potentially deadly disease. Matt and I took Frannie into our home, and had the amazing experience of being an HRA customer as the whole team came together to support us with this special girl.

On July 11th, Frannie gave birth to five puppies - all had the same coloring, but one was dangerously small. The runt weighed 1.3 oz, and he wasn't as alert as the others. As they began to suckle, they pushed him out of the way. I ended up bottle feeding and weighing him at least four times a day, and we bonded pretty tightly.

I named him Teddy - I wanted to give him a big name, and Teddy Roosevelt was a runt who had made good. Teddy started to gain weight but he still had his challenges - a hernia, vaccine reactions, a cold, a complicated neuter, possible hip dysplasia, luxating patellas... 

The whole Frannie (now Frankie) family went to the most loving homes, and we said goodbye to them one by one. We kept Teddy, until we could get a clear diagnosis on his physical issues...and after enough time had passed it was clear he was already home.

December 17th is a lousy day in our house; last year it was the fourth anniversary of my dad's death. I decided to reclaim that dark day by making it official, and when Tedward came home with me that day he had paperwork, toys, an adoption photo for the ages, and a last name.

So many members of team HRA came together to care for and save Teddy - the foster team, caregivers, officers, the medical team, the behavior team, our administrative staff, and finally the adoption counselors. I had an amazing experience, and they do this all day, every day - for thousands of animals a year.

Teddy and I are walking (alright, let's be honest, I'll be carrying him) to honor their amazing work. Most importantly we are walking because there are other Frankie's living in squalor, other vulnerable animals who need a ton of resources to have a good life, and thousands upon thousands of people and animals whose lives are touched every year by HRA's work.

Won't you help us to help them?


Lisa (and Tedward)

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