This online peer-to-peer fundraising campaign allows us to expose our work to a broader audience – engaging our current supporters and allowing you to share your passion for the animal community with your family, friends and neighbors, who will in turn continue to share, expanding our audience far beyond the limits of a traditional campaign. This effort will culminate on April 30 with the Humane Rescue Alliance Giving Day.

What YOU can do to help?

SIGN UP TODAY! button.pngThe goal is that you will sign up and create your own personal online fundraising page and share your story of why you are supporting the Humane Rescue Alliance. You will decide what you want your fundraising goal to be based on the number of animals you want to sponsor. One animal’s cost of care is $250. Our fundraising goal is to cover the cost of 500 animals for one of our busiest month this Spring. Then your friends and family will be inspired to create their own personal online fundraising page, sponsor their own animals, and share their story… and so on, and so on.

What is the Humane Rescue Alliance fundraising for during the Spring Forward 30-Day Fundraising Challenge?

Our work with animals is at the core of what we do, so this effort is focused on the actual, ever-present cost for the care of incoming animals and their stay with us, as they wait to find their new homes. The average cost for any animal’s stay with us is $250 and the goal of this effort is to cover the cost of 500 animals, a common rate of adopted animals during our busiest Spring months. Therefore, our goal in DC is $125,000 for this 30-day challenge.

$250 Sponsor an Animal Infographic_with headline.png