2021 Spring Forward Fundraising Campaign

Pennies for Paws

Hi everyone!  Our Team, Pennies for PAWS, is participating in the Spring Forward with the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) 30-Day Fundraising Challenge from April 1-30. 

This challenge was put in place specifically to raise funds to cover the cost of care for our shelter animals during one of the busiest months of the year. Care for each animal costs an average of $250 and we're hoping to raise $125,000 this month. 

Most of you know how incredibly important the human-animal bond can be, as many are our best friends in life, the ones who get us through the hard times or simply brighten our days with their antics.  They are an essential part of the family and deserve to be as happy as they make us.  

Every animal deserves a home and family that cherishes them.  So, please support us in this important fundraising event by contributing generously, whatever that means to you. AND we have some fun rewards for your generous donations - see below!

$5 gift – Shout out on our social channels, thanking you for being amazing!

$25 gift – A photo of one of our own pets thanking you for being extra amazing!  

$50 gift – A photo of one shelter pet with details on his or her stay with us!

$100 gift – Sponsorship of a treat session with one shelter pet and photos/video of the event!

$250 gift – A coveted behind-the-scenes shelter tour when the pandemic passes!

Whatever you can give will help -- it all adds up! And please share with fellow animal lovers, we want to help as many animals as we possibly can.

We greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

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