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Humane Education

Washington Humane Society’s Humane Education:

Teaching youth to make compassionate, responsible decisions.

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Our Humane Education program, established in 1987, encourages students to speak up for animals rather than accept the role of passive observers.  The program introduces students to the Washington Humane Society as a community agency responsible for the safety and well being of all animals in the District of Columbia.  Students participating in the Humane Education program learn the importance of contacting the Washington Humane Society when an animal – any animal – needs help.  Students participating in the program become aware of the numerous responsibilities, including cost and time commitments, associated with caring for a companion animal.  Ultimately, we hope the students participating in the program today will be the agency’s animal adopters and supporters tomorrow rather than perpetrators of animal abuse and neglect.

Humane Education offers information and training that helps break the cycle of violence that runs rampant throughout many communities. Students learn to be the solution; to live in such a way that they are not contributing to the problems of the world, but rather making the world a better place with their compassionate choices.

The Washington Humane Society’s Humane Education program is offered free-of-charge to local schools service organizations, church groups, summer programs, and youth organizations.  The curriculum is comprised of a series of presentations, typically running bi-weekly throughout the school year.  Program objectives are attained through writing prompts, videos, and visits from invited guests and special projects.  A condensed program, ranging from three to eight visits, is also available. 

To schedule a Humane Education program or to obtain additional information please call Shakela Brown at 202-723-5730 X 133 or email

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