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Combat Cruelty

The Washington Humane Society has been combating animal cruelty for over 100 years, and we could not help as many animals as we do without the help of our friends who care so much for animals.

There are several ways for you can help WHS combat cruelty.

  • Volunteer to join the WHS Missing Animal Response Team (M.A.R.T.). Click here to learn more! Email to sign up.
  • Don’t ever look away from animal cruelty, report it immediately. To learn how to recognize and report animal cruelty please visit our Report Cruelty page.
  • Educate others on what to look for and how to report it. Animal cruelty doesn’t always stem from violent or callous acts. Often, it come from the animal's owner being uneducated about proper pet care. When this is the case, we all have an opportunity to make a better world for animals by working with owners to help them understand the animal’s basic needs.
  • Donate to the Combat Cruelty Fund: Donations to this fund shall be used to help the WHS Humane Law Enforcement team investigate abuse, prosecute the offenders, save animals in danger and fight animal cruelty. 
  • Help us solve these cold cases by distributing these reward posters in your neighborhood:

Dog Found Dead in SE Dumpster

Dog Found Shot Four Times

Whitetailed Deer Found Paralyzed 

Raccoon Found Beaten and Burned

Dogs Found in Trash Can

Young Black Cat Found Severely Injured

Brown Brindle Dog Found Dead in a Filthy Crate

Sleeping 6-month-old Puppy Killed

Kitten Thrown Out of Truck

Raccoon Caught in Illegal Trap

Dog Shot in Legs

Cat Torched

Dog Left Behind Dumpster

Oppossum & Babies Killed

Dog Shot In Own Yard

Bulldog Dies From Heat 

Preventing cruelty can only be done to the extent the current laws allow. This is why WHS has started the Animal Advocacy Team. Our team of Advocacy volunteers helps by writing letters or scheduling meetings with City Council members to help strengthen the laws here in the District. WHS has a long history of working with the DC City Council to bring the District of Columbia in line with some of the most progressive laws in the country.

Combat cruelty by adopting rather than buying from a pet store or breeder, and be sure to follow all of the local laws related to animal control and help others to the same.