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Help the more than 60,000 animals the Humane Rescue Alliance cares for annually by crediting your donation or purchase to one of our Fashion for Paws participants!

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Jessica Abrahams
Emily Abril
Guzal Adekoje
Debra Alfarone
Allyson Anderson
Anytime K9 / Spot on Training
Micki Armour
Katya Avdeev
Jacqueline Baudouin
Rebecca Black
Joseph Blake
Courtney Boyce
Donna Briggs Gomer
Scott Cooper
Lauren Copeland
Marquita Cubbage
Mark & Teresa Del Rosso
Anita DiNunzio
Darlene Drummond
Katie Dwyer
Taheera Espinoza
Christina Garcia
Nicholas Gerner
Ashley Glendening
Lizzeth Gutierrez
Lisa Hanna
George Hardman
Chelsey Hathaway
Melissa Hauser
Rebecca Jahangeri
Larissa Johnson
Emily Joy
Angie Kang
Jessica Kershaw
Wendy Knight
Alexandra Kraber
Andre Leite
Joel Lopez & Kareem Woodard
Carey McLaughlin
Kyle Meeks

Amanda Mendelson
Maria Movsessian
Lindsy Noble
Radell Peischler
Mayra Perez
Susan Perlin
Alexsis Petrikis
Daniela Petrilli
Gregory Pike
Tracey Pisciotta
Candice Powers
Enrique Quiroz
Beverly Rivers
Sam Roberson
Claudia Roll
Brittany Ruyak
Cecilia & Gunther Sanabria
Melonie San Pietro
Sara Scander
Deb Sengupta
Colin Shah
Isabel Sharkar
Vanita Sharma
Joi Sheffield
Rory Shinnick
Meagan Simonaire
Emily Sislen
Maureen Sosa
Jeff Stone
Rachel Thaler
Legend Thurman
Dr. Shauna Waite
Robin Waugh
Desiree Williams
Jeff Wilson
Marjorie Wilson
Kareem Woodard
Alicia Yates
George York