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Youth Volunteers

We have a great program for youth volunteers at our 71 Oglethorpe NW Adoption Center. Get more information and apply here:

If you are not able to make a regular commitment to volunteering, there are terrific volunteer projects you can do offsite and deliver to either our 1201 New York Avenue NE or 71 Oglethorpe Street NW Adoption Centers! 

daisy scouts

Make 'No Sew' Blankets for our dogs and cats 

Cat on no sew blanket

No sew blankets are so easy to make, and they keep our dogs and cats comfy and warm while they're waiting for their forever home. You can make small ones for the cats and bigger ones for the dogs!

You can find the instructions here, or watch a video here. And feel free to be as creative as you like! 

(Community Service Hour equivalent - 3 blankets = 1 hour)


Make dog rope toys out of old t-shirts, fleece, or sheetsdog with braid toy.jpg

Dog rope toys are great for heavy chewers and for the dogs to play with while they wait for their families to adopt them! You can make them out of any old materials, but fleece is especially sturdy.

You can find the instructions here!

(Community Service Hour equivalent - 10 toys = 1 hour)


Make Catnip filled sock toys for cats 

cat with catnip toy.jpg

Catnip sock toys are a wonderful ways to enrich the lives of the cats at the Adoption Centers. These are made by taking a sock, stuffing it with catnip, and then tying a knot in the ankle. That's it! The result is a durable, huggable toy that cats can lick, kick, and enjoy for countless hours. 

You can find the instructions here!

(Community Service Hour Equivalent - 20 socks = 1 hour)


donation station.jpgHost a donation drive

We'd love it if you could host a donation drive for our animals! We are always in need of toys, treats, leashes, harnesses, and Kongs, among many other things. The items we need most can be found here and on our Amazon wishlist. You can also get creative! We had an organization do a Kong drive for us and delivered them to the shelter already stuffed and frozen! The dogs were delighted by their frozen treat. 

(Community Service Hours vary)


Post the Pet of the Week flyer

thumpler.pngEvery week we pick an animal as our Pet of the Week! The Pet of the Week is usually an animal who has been with us for a long time, and who needs a little extra promotion. By posting the Pet of the Week flyer, you are helping find an overlooked animal a home. Great places to post the flyer are libraries, coffee shops, pet supplies stores etc. 

The Pet of the Week is updated on our website home page (bottom right) as the staff favorite each Wednesday. 

Please consider helping with this vital task!

(Community Service Hours vary)